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             Tengfei Mining (Dunhuang) Co., Ltd. was established on October 10, 2011, and its headquarters is located in No.50 Cotton Factory, Dunhuang Industrial Park, Gansu Province. Mainly engaged in the development and utilization of mineral resources. Tengfei Asbestos Mine is a large-scale cotton picking and processing base in northwest China. With its strong technical force and unique mineral resources, it always follows the principle of "quality first, customer first", constantly improves production technology, strictly controls quality, and provides users with high-quality products and best services. While the enterprise is constantly becoming stronger and bigger, it actively seeks new economic growth points and partners to make greater contributions to Dunhuang's economic development. Tengfei Asbestos is one of the well-known brands in Northwest China. Its products have excellent physical and chemical properties such as long fiber length and high tensile strength. It is widely used in various asbestos products such as special plates, asbestos cement, brake products, thermal insulation, asbestos rubber, etc. Tengfei Asbestos enjoys a high reputation among domestic and foreign users. The company is in a leading position in China in geological reserves, output, product quality, mineral processing technology, inspection technology, packaging technology and product export, and its products have been exported to more than ten countries and regions such as Japan, Hong Kong, Iran, Thailand, South Korea, Albania, Cuba, India and Indonesia. Asbestos products are widely used in automobile industry, electronics industry and construction industry, and can also be used to make materials such as heat preservation, heat protection, insulation and sound insulation. Asbestos mixed with all kinds of rubber can also be made into sealing materials for liquid rocket engine connectors, which has made great contributions to the development of national economy, domestic high-tech industry and national defense and military industry.

        精益求精 以質取勝

        堅持一流管理   生產一流產品   提供一流服務
      地蘊精華 造福桑梓 


      Business philosophy: Strive for Excellence and win by quality Production concept: Adhere to first-class management, produce first-class products and provide first-class services. Development strategy: According to the new idea of development in the new era, Tengfei Asbestos aims at the highest point of industry development, combines with the analysis of industry development trend and internal conditions, gives full play to its own advantages, and plans innovative ideas for leapfrog development from a global perspective, further clarifying the development plan in the new era. Corporate culture: The essence of the earth benefits the mulberry Seizing the source, casting the dream of soaring Development course: Tengfei Mining Co., Ltd. was established on October 10th, 2011.



      中文域名: www.騰飛礦業.com



      Company website: www.tfkycn.com

      Chinese domain name: www.騰飛礦業.com.

      Company Address: No.50 Cotton Factory, Dunhuang Industrial Park, Gansu Province

      Tel: 150-9565-9888 Fax number: 0937-8803028

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